Friday, February 19, 2010

Welcome to True Frugality!

The last year has been hard on everyone, economically and emotionally. I've had to restructure stuff at home, at work, in hobbies, and in life in general.

Practically everyone else I know is in a similar boat. So, I figured, "Why not start a blog on true frugality?" Not the tips like "vinegar will substitute for all your household cleaners" (nonsense), or save the planet and your utility bill with a new $1500 high efficiency washing machine.

No, I want this to be real life posts, for real life people, with real life problems. I won't promise that I will always meet this goal, but I think I have enough to share about food, bills, fuel, and the like that someone may benefit. So wish me luck!


  1. Mike I am really looking forward to following your blog!! You have so many really great ideas....


  2. Thanks Lindy....I've been feeling a real need to write again and I think this may do the trick!

  3. What an awesome idea Mike! You truly do look out for your fellow man (and woman)....looking forward to reading your good ideas :)


  4. I'm hoping this will be useful Tanya....I have been on so darned many frugal sites that just aren't.