Thursday, March 25, 2010

Barbecue Sauce...

....I always forget to buy barbecue sauce when I'm at the store. So, I've become adept and combining things to make my own. Again, no strict recipes here.....just add and taste and go from there.

Classic Barbecue Sauce

Start with kethup in a microwave safe bowl. Add prepared mustard and mix....add it until the sauce is as "orange" as you like it. Next, add brown sugar until it's as sweet as you like. Then add some worcestershire for zip, and a little red pepper sauce if you like FIRE. Heat in the microwave to simmering to dissolve the sugar, and you're good to go.


Asian Flair Sauce

Start with the ketchup, add honey to taste, soy sauce, and ground ginger for a more far eastern flavor. Add a few dashes of Chinese chili sauce if you like heat, and a little sesame oil if you please.

Zippy sauce

Use chili sauce in place of ketchup

Steak Sauce Sauce

Equal parts steak sauce, and honey. Surprisingly good especially with the "57" type sauces.


  1. I loooove my BBQ. Thanks for all the ideas Mike!

  2. I hope you enjoy! They charge so much for barbecue sauce (it USED to be cheap), that it makes sense to come up with your own concoctions.